This is indeed a very special step in the process of moving and spreading further and further the message of our Founder and Leader, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba MBACKE, Serigne TOUBA, Khadimou Rassoul. As well it is so for the Senegalese community and particularly the Mourids, whose dedication to worshiping but, moreover, to applying the paramount principles of labor and learning, is stronger than ever.

The implementation of the Foundation Khadimou Rassoul-North America is the latest initiative that we, Mourids and friends in the United States, had set forth to give ourselves all the necessary tools ways and means that match the needs and scope of this endeavor, the opportunities in this country, as well as the tremendous challenges that we are facing and that require the involvement of us all.

The Foundation is incorporated in the District of Columbia and is a 501© 3 non-for-profit organization pursuant to the IRS Code.

Pursuant to that, this home page will carry out the message of brotherhood and partnership with our host country’s fellows, the U.S., as well as all the concerned people and institutions that share our common grounds for peace, freedom, empowerment and caring purposes in the benefit of the poor, the children and the women.

Within a series of many others, this will be linked to the process of nurturing our Foundation and give it all the opportunities of a perennial visibility in the U.S., in Senegal and all over the world.

Awaiting the future updating of this document, in terms of information as well as in access tools ( there will be editions in Arabic and French to widen the audience up to the Senegalese people and the Arabic-literate in the country), we need to address four issues related to the Foundation:


-Why implementing a non-profit corporation?

-Why a Foundation?

-Why Washington, DC?


It is simply in the hope of finding out a way, a remedy to the intellectual, moral and metaphysical crisis of the mankind.

Because, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, Khadimou Rassoul has set forth the ways and means to allow the believers to strengthen their poise, their life achievements and goals, their motivation and aspiration pursuant to their quest to the Lord’s mercy.

Also, Khadimou Rassoul as shown humanity a landmark aimed at helping anybody bear his/her burden in today’s society, seized by a desperate materialism, a fierce liberalism and a science raised to some unprecedented levels and fortunes.

Khadimou Rassoul, from the beginning, escaped himself from any kind of discrimination based upon race, gender, parochialism or any other unwarranted consideration and set forth a way, a practice filled by the only desire to get the Lord’s mercy on earth and beyond. He rejected all forms of chauvinism and and prejudice and paced his lifetime towards always complying with the bold principles pertaining to the mankind’s mission on earth: the worshiping of God Almighty.


2. WHY implementing a non-profit corporation?

Anyhow and during his lifetime, the Mourid bears a very deep and burning feeling pushing him towards trying to do whatever it takes to be thankful and merciful to his Leader, Khadimou Rassoul, because we assume and firmly believe that all our deeds, our earnings, our very existence is tight up to Khadimou Rassoul’s payoff from what

he did for God. So, we focus our life trying to keep up the level of consideration and thank in forms and ways that really match this permanent goal a swell as the skills and the proficiencies from each individual or entity.

Pursuant to that quest, we have decide to implement a corporation, with a statutory non-profit setting, because the only and definite objective of this entity is to create a flourish environment and circle that all the concerned people will share with the only and strong motivation to push the agenda but not to inure ourselves from any activity and send and/or generate all the profits to our community.


3. WHY a Foundation?

In a very famous pamphlet named "Mawahibou", Khadimou Rassoul envisioned strongly a wide advocacy in the path he is laying out towards the Lord and invite all the believers to join the journey. He praised it as follows:" Ya ahelale barri, Ya ahelale baheri, oujou li bari, baheri sahaya", meaning: "O! Dwellers of the continent, O! Dwellers across the oceans, Get ready for the call, For the call of munificence." This highlighted very positively the universal character of his message and the likelihood of the message to be spread everywhere.

Pursuant to that the Mourid community in the U.S. felt that ways and means should be found to share this common cause and fulfill the sense of this message.

The ultimate tool that the Foundation is derives from the analysis that:

-as a community, we need anyway a structure to create and formalize the ties within the group;

-as we are in the U.S., we must realize that, nowhere in the world than the U.S. have created, developed, nurtured and fulfilled the concept, idea and embodiment of the foundation as an entity, so that it is a tool that really fits our common goal and

matches the parameters of modernism, legality and conformity to the needs and constraints of our agenda.

4. WHY in Washington, DC?

As the Capital City of the most powerful country of the world and the host of paramount institutions like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and many other very prestigious U.S. and International entities, Washington, DC. offers a unique channel of visibility and exposure that we really need, as well as the tremendous opportunities, advantages and networking that we can benefit from.

As well, as part of the U.S spirit of charity and the openness of this country, many non profit and non governmental organizations are flourishing and we will try to join these movement and efforts to "bridge the gap" between poor and rich, between Africa and the U.S.A., and between all the believers and citizens of the world.

Because, the very ultimate goal and mission of our Foundation, of our Founder, Khadimou Rassoul is the empowerment of the mankind, the self-help spirit that must thrive anybody to the pursuit of happiness and the mercy from the Lord.

That is what this country is about and that a shared goal for the foundation Khadimou Rassoul-North America.

Thus, we invite you to join us, as well to help us along with any pertaining ideas, any contributions in terms of finances, equipment or any suitable gift.

We hope to seeing and hearing from you at this home page, which is in a process of initializing and we would really like and enjoy to get any contribution from you, in terms of ideas, donations and support that will enable this entity to cope with its start-up and seed process and be the window or one-stop-shop for all the Senegalese, the African and the international community, especially the Mourid fellows, from the U.S., Senegal and from all over the world.

Thank you for your consideration and appreciation!!!!

May God bless you all!!!!

May Serigne Touba Khadimou Rassoul help us all!!!!

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